• Dear Friends and Neighbors,

    My name is Mike Kennedy.  I am running for the State House of Representatives for Cedar Hills, Alpine, and Highland.  I am a family doctor, an attorney, and the father of eight children.  I have the experience and skills needed to lead Utah to a brighter future.

    I love working as a doctor.  I have been helping patients solve and prevent problems for 14 years.  I believe my job as a doctor is to foster an environment where the patient has the tools and the understanding necessary to resolve the problem at hand.  I try to offer my patients the least invasive and most cost effective options for diagnosis and treatment.  The patient is in charge of their own healing process.

    I would apply the same principles as your representative.  I believe the people of Utah have the solutions to the issues we face today.  My job as your legislator is to nurture an environment that allows the people to resolve their own issues.  The proper role of government is to protect life, liberty, and property.  The role of the government should be limited.  I will work to lower taxes and reduce regulations that burden the people of Utah.  The people should be trusted to resolve their own issues.

    It took me six years to earn my law degree from BYU as I worked full time in my medical practice.  I thoroughly enjoyed studying the Constitution.  Our Constitution is an inspired document that set the environment for the success of our amazing country. The Constitution clearly strikes a balance between the state and federal governments. The Federal Government has interfered in state responsibilities such as healthcare and education.  I will vigorously defend the right our state has to make its own decisions.

    Children are our future.  My wife and I see our primary role as caring for our children.  I know many of you are trying to build our future by caring for children.  I will support

    legislation that protects the future of our children.  I will not support legislation that unnecessarily increases our State’s debt.  In addition, I support local control of school curriculum.

    As a doctor, I have learned how to heal the individual.  As a lawyer, I have learned how to heal society.  And as a father, I have learned the importance of caring for our children to heal the future.

    I look forward to using my skills and experience as your representative.



Mike knows first-hand that education is the key to success. He will fight to support teachers and parents by providing them with the best resources for educating our children.

Health Care

Government should have a limited role in the health care sector. The freedom to choose and innovate will keep America's health care system the finest in the world. From a Doctor's view, Mike will fight to push back against ObamaCare.


One in two college graduates are either unemployed or underemployed. Mike will fight for Lower Taxes & Less Regulation to ensure Utah is the top state to do business in and to create new jobs.