Utah's balanced budget law ensures that state government lives within its means. However, that doesn't stop government from increasing "the pie" by raising taxes, I will stand strongly in opposition to tax increases. We cannot tax ourselves out of this tight budget. Lowering taxes benefits everyone. It gives individuals the ability to take control of their lives and allows business owners to invest in their companies, pay their employees, and ultimately create new jobs. I will support lower taxes thereby encouraging spending, saving, and investing – all necessary for a healthy economy.
A vibrant economy depends on a well-educated population. In order for our state to remain competitive, we must focus on continual improvement in education. In Utah, we have some of the best parents and teachers in the country. I will support them by providing the best tools available to help educate our children. Schools should be accountable to parents and to the local community, not to the federal government.
Government should not be in the health care business. The free market approach is preferable to leaving decisions to bureaucrats. More freedom to choose and to innovate will keep our health care the best in the world. As a physician, I will use my experience and training to push back against Obamacare. The states should be allowed to develop their own market-based answers to our health care challenges. Socialism is a proven failure, and I will oppose measures that move us toward it. I support tax deductions for medical expenses and health savings accounts. I will use my professional experience to create a better health care system for patients and for doctors.
Our compound constitutional republic derives its power from the people. Our founders granted defined responsibilities to the federal government, and left all remaining powers with the people or the state. Our federal government has overextended its reach into our lives. My law school education and experience will help me as I vigorously work to reverse this trend.
I support our constitutional right to bear arms.